Are you ready to propel your business into previously uncharted territory? Capture a brand new market? Achieve significantly better ROI? This is where it all begins – and finishes with results that will leave the competition thunderstruck.

Through Paths to New Revenue, Howard Lichtman and his Lightning Group can map a winning strategy, develop results-focused programs and take you from A to Z to open up new doors for revenue generation, awareness and increased market share.

With Howard’s leadership, you will:

  • Explore and seize opportunities for new product opportunities targeting new customers
  • Ignite brilliant strategies and marketing programs to gain market share from
  • Open new distribution networks
  • Forge lucrative new strategic alliances

This comprehensive and energizing program includes a thorough examination of all your company’s potential revenue opportunities and a clear and achievable strategy to allow you to execute rapidly and successfully meet and exceed targets.

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Many businesses today may not need a CMO on a full-time basis, but still require strong marketing leadership to establish a vision and chart a course ahead for the marketing department. As a Virtual (outsourced) CMO, Howard Lichtman can develop the ingenious strategies and enduring programs to steer your company and marketing department into a bright future. Whether you have a marketing department that could benefit from some CMO guidance or don’t have a marketing department at all, Lightning Group can help. Harness Howard’s five-star credentials and blockbuster track record to set your marketing team ablaze.

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Even the best and brightest CMOs sometimes need a second opinion, a creative new approach – or a fresh set of eyes on programs that may be underperforming. Perhaps you require high-level assistance with a bold new initiative that cannot afford to fail? Or maybe you are considering a new product or service that is targeting a new vertical? Howard brings a shot of adrenaline, a blast of creativity and a sharp, critical eye to identify gaps and ensure all your strategies are on track to meet the mark, and deliver the results you need.

The CMO Assist program offering is ideal for companies that have a CMO – but face a unique challenge that would benefit from a fresh set of eyes at a high level. In these instances, The Lightning Group works in partnership with your CMO (for a specific period of time or on an ongoing basis) – to drive your success and help your CMO meet and exceed his or her targets.

Howard Lichtman has brought Virtual CMO services to corporations ranging from Liv Relief and the Ethnic Channels Group to Bedford Consulting and The Taste of the Danforth. He has provided CMO Assistance for corporations ranging from the Ottawa Senators to Express Scripts (a Fortune 20 company).

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If you are starting a new business, launching a new product or contemplating a new vertical, The Lightning Group’s “Go to Market” Strategies may be for you.

This program is designed is to prepare you to overcome hurdles, seize market opportunities and differentiate yourself powerfully to compete successfully in a complex, constantly-changing marketplace.

Go to Market Strategies comprises two important phases:

Phase 1: “Go to Market” Strategy (Architect of the Strategy)
Stage 1: Goal setting

  • Determine what you really want to accomplish

Stage 2: “The Brain Up”

  • This is where you share all the information you have about your company, product,
    consumers and all relevant materials.
  • The Lightning Group meets with internal parties or conducts our own secondary
    research on both the industry and competitors
  • Where required, The Lightning Group will conduct primary research, either qualitative or

Stage 3: Identify the bulls-eye target, products and services — and outline a detailed go-
to-market strategy including how to reach them.

Phase 2: The Implementation (General Contractor supervising the implementation either with your staff or via implementation by Howard’s team)
Phase 2 is defined by the decisions made in Phase 1. Marketers have many arrows in their quiver to deploy, depending on the specific task at hand. The Lightning Group is solution-agnostic and the answer isn’t always media. In this second phase, solutions will be custom-designed to meet the needs of you, our client, and deployed in a timely manner.

“Go To Market” Strategies arms you with insider insights, winning strategies and effective tactics, including:

  • Macro global trends
  • Mastery of specific industry trends relevant to your business
  • Clear market differentiation to stand out from the crowd – elucidate what makes you unique in your category.
  • Product and services evaluation and overhaul: Keep em, refresh them or create new ones (through a challenge session)
  • How to maintain a competitive advantage
  • How to forge the strongest-possible partnerships
  • New product and services: how to bring them successfully to market
  • Key target markets: how to reach, capture and retain them

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Invigorate your meetings, teams, creativity and conferences

Looking for a dynamic and seasoned facilitator to inspire and motivate your team – and provide leadership training for your executives or employees? Look no further.

Using structured experiences and innovative group challenges, Howard facilitates powerful, engaging and unforgettable sessions that inspire collaboration and drive home key business concepts in a vibrant and meaningful way.

Sample team building topics include:

  • One-Way, Two-Way Communication - the value of two-way dialogue
  • Win As Much As You Can - who is the you? The individual, the department, the division or the company?
  • The NASA Experiment - who makes better decisions? Individuals on their own or a team?

Results-Focused Brainstorming

Needing to spark maximum creativity with your team? Howard is a powerful brainstorm session facilitator. A master of brainstorming techniques, his sessions dramatically release the enormous potential of collective wisdom amongst team members and participants.

The Brainstorm Session Process:

Stage 1: The Prep

a) Speak with key parties to determine issues, opportunities, questions and challenges
b) Framing and scheduling the day

Stage 2: The Brainstorm Process

a) Mental warm-up exercises to foster a creative mindset
b) The Rules of Brainstorming
c) Ideation- creating the master list of ideas

Stage 3: Prioritization

Rank ordering ideas into “best” actionable ideas pursuant to predetermined filters such as:

a. Likelihood of success
b. Revenue generated by success
c. Financial resources required to implement
d. Human resources required to implement
e. Competitive environment

Stage 4: The Action Plan

a) Delegating Responsibilities
b) Timeline

Stage 5: The Report

A written report outlining all the information and plans determined above

Conference and Speaker Programming that attracts a crowd

Tap into Howard’s expertise in creating unique and crowd-pleasing thematics to enliven, enrich and expand the appeal of your conference or event. In addition to energizing your programming, his famous resource network will be at your disposal to cherry-pick the best speakers and keynotes.
The Lightning Group’s conference programming offerings do three things:

  • Create the program theme/title – to ensure it is timely, relevant and captivating
  • Create the full program schedule including topics
  • Secure the speakers
  • Facilitate the day, if required

Speaking services: Book a killer keynote

Howard Lichtman is a dynamic and in-demand conference speaker and keynote who motivates, educates and inspires on a wide variety of topics.
Howard’s speaking and keynote engagements include:
The Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), The American Marketing Association (AMA), Food and Consumer Products Association Canada(FCPC), the Association of Canadian Advertisers, Festivals and Events Ontario (FEO) and Strategy Magazine’s Marketing Summit, Apex, AceTech, Schulich School of Business, ShowCanada, Sponsorship Marketing Council of Canada (SMCC), the Screen Advertising World Association (SAWA), National Association of Convenience Stores, UJA Federation, New Brunswick Film & Television Industry Summit, the Jewish Book Festival and more.

Let Howard invigorate your next executive meeting, brainstorming session event or conference.

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Nail your business pitch

Need a strong business plan/presentation for your bank or potential investors – or a strong presentation pitch to help win new clients? Look to Howard’s decades of experience in creating targeted, powerfully-worded plans, presentations and pitches that will help you achieve your goals.

Develop, design & deliver a powerful business plan

If you’re launching a new business, creating a strong and solid business plan is your blueprint for success.

With expert guidance from The Lightning Group, you’ll be armed with a professional, buttoned-down business plan and executive summary that you’ll need when you are:

  • going to your bank for money
  • seeking investments
  • requiring a roadmap to keep you and your partner(s) on track doing what you need to do to be successful

Howard understands precisely what it takes to create a powerful business plan. Here are some highlights of his relevant experience:

  • Teacher of Ryerson course: “How to Launch an E-Business ”which to write a business plan and how to do an investor pitch
  • ‘Devil’s Advocate’ for the Schulich Global Management program: assisting Schulich along with Recanati Business School (Tel Aviv University) MBA students in their capstone course where they are creating “Go-To-Market” strategies for Israeli companies
  • Regional Judge of the “Hult” competition: where the finalist goes to England for a 6-week boot camp and then to New York to compete for a million-dollar prize.
  • Angel Investor: Howard himself is an angel investor in a number of companies, including Sensibl, DotHealth, LifeWire and NexCar.

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